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Fashion Design for Sustainability (FDS)
model workshops, talks and lectures

The ‘Fashion Design for Sustainability’ (FDS) model is a tool that I have developed to assist fashion designers and product developers engage with sustainable design strategies at the start of the design process. Initially introduced in ‘A Practical Guide for Sustainable Fashion’, the FDS model links sustainable strategies to relevant phases in the lifecycle of a garment and helps design and production teams to make decisions that can lessen environmental and social impacts. I have given talks, lectures and workshops on how to use the model at business events (Future Factory ‘Eco Fashion’ SME event, Nottingham) and in educational settings with postgraduate and undergraduate students (Norwich University College of the Arts, Metal Arts Knowledge Transfer week). Interactive workshops can be delivered in short or half day/full day sessions and focus on mapping, evaluating and improving the designer’s current design and production practices.


Advisor and consultant to industry,
charitable organisations, and press/media

I am an advisor to the ReDress Asia organization (based in China), and have worked with organisations and NGOs including: Ethical Fashion Forum (UK), ‘Textiles Toolbox’ project for the MISTRA initiative (UK/Sweden), Sustainable Apparel Coalition (US). I am keen to share my work with NGOs, businesses, institutions, universities and schools so if you would like a workshop, guest lecture or consultancy advice then please get in touch. I can also tailor an event to suit your needs and provide educational materials that will support independent learning and further development.

Additionally, I have written and presented articles for popular media publications including Vogue Patterns (US), Eco Chic Design Magazine (HK), SBS television (Aus), ABC national radio (Aus) and have contributed to industry reports for organisations such as WRAP (UK), Impact Economy (CH) and the Australian Government’s ‘Building Innovative Capability’ TCF review (Aus).



Get involved in my research 

Many of my projects involve interactions with different communities and groups. If you would like me to conduct an interactive workshop or you would like to get involved in a research project about clothing repair; caring for garments; or user-centred fashion design for people with different clothing needs, then please get in touch.


For further information, please contact me by email. 

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